Fun with Research! Q&A

Tuesday, May 25, 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

60-minutes Open Mic Session

Your Host

Susan Baier, Head Honcho at Audience Audit Inc.

60-Minute Open-Mic Q&A

Tuesday, May 11th at 10AM Pacific/1PM Eastern

What We’ll Cover During This Open Mic Q&A

Get Comfortable with Research

Even marketing professionals familiar with research sometimes have trouble talking to colleagues and clients about it.

We’ll make the complicated (and sometimes intimidating) topics easier to grasp and help you with strategies to talk to clients and your own team about the research that will help you accomplish your goals.

We'll also help you plan a research project so it will be successful.

Stop Guessing What Works

Let’s be honest -- many of us rely on our experience (and our gut) about what audiences want and why they want it.

Research takes the guesswork out of building marketing strategy, content recommendations, branding and messaging initiatives, and thought leadership efforts.

We’ll discuss how the right research approach can cost-effectively get you close to the bullseye when engaging with audiences.

Choose the Right Kind of Research

Research is a wide-ranging field, and it can be hard to know which approaches make the most sense for your agency, your clients, your budget and your goals.

We’ll talk about a variety of approaches and how to tell which ones work best in given circumstances.

We’ll also welcome guests who conduct a variety of types of research to get expert advice about what different approaches can do, and what they can’t.

Build Your Agency's Thought Leadership

Every agency needs to be planting its flag of authority to develop visibility as an expert provider in a particular niche.

Original, custom research can be an eye-catching and effective way to share your expertise, attract the attention of your ideal prospects and have longer, more rewarding relationships with existing clients.

We’ll discuss how to use research as a springboard for a compelling and engaging business development process.


Who is this Q&A for?

The series is designed for marketing agency owners and strategists who want to make their work for clients more impactful and build their agency’s thought leadership.

Will I be able to ask questions during the session?

Absolutely! Susan will start off the session sharing some key insights for 5-10 minutes, and then the rest of the session will be an open mic Q&A format to discuss ANY topic you’d like.

Will there be a recorded replay of the session?

We will record the session but the link will not be publicly posted. If something happens, and you can’t attend, just email us and we will send you a private link.

Will this be the only Q&A session Susan will be offering?

Susan will hold open mic sessions twice a month on Tuesdays at 1PM Eastern. But -- they are private sessions so you need to register each week to get the correct link.